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Homeschool Mama Tumbler/ Mug / Tea Gift Set

Homeschool Mama Tumbler/ Mug / Tea Gift Set

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Say hello to our 'Homeschool Harmony' gift set, thoughtfully curated for the supermoms who masterfully juggle teaching and parenting. This delightful set is a trio of tea essentials: a stylish tumbler, a cozy mug, and a bag of 'Elemental Rocks N Herb's' finest tea blend. ☕️🎁

Included in Gift set:  

15 oz mug with tea, Because Homeschool is a real on one side and Homeschool, Mom Principal on the other

20oz Tumbler - Homeschool Mama and other affirmations for Homeschool moms. 

1.2 oz bag of Focus & Brain Boost tea.  Organic blend of herbs.

The included tumbler is more than just a drink holder; it symbolizes your tireless dedication. Its double-wall insulation keeps your tea hot or cold for those long homeschooling hours, ensuring you're never without your much-needed tea fix.

Next up is the charming mug, perfect for those quieter moments when you can sit, plan the day's lessons, and enjoy the rich flavors of Elemental Rocks N Herb's premium blend tea.

Our 'Homeschool Harmony' gift set celebrates the remarkable journey of homeschooling. It's not just a gift but an ode to your unwavering commitment to your children's education. Here's to the moms who make learning at home a truly rewarding experience! 🏠🍎💪


Printed in USA — All of our mugs are printed and shipped from the United States ❤️

💌 P A C K A G I N G 💌

Our items are shipped discretely with no receipts or labels, which is ideal for gifts!  Will be packaged safely with styrofoam shells or cardboard boxes to prevent damage while in transit.


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